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Musical Bits - Creating Creativity

Musical Bits creates software that creates music. Our software uses AI technology to model all layers of creativity of a human composer. These layers are implemented as reusable and combinable software components.

Musical Bits software can create music from real time data, from various user interfaces or from our own emotion modelling engine EME. We even create full virtual bands, albums and songs. For example, check out the Frostbite Orckings.

The composers we virtualize have participated in chart breaking productions worldwide and worked for and with the biggest record companies, cinema production studios and game development creators.


What We Do?

Music transports emotions, supports messages and creates connections. This makes it an essential component of many products and an interesting product in its own right. Composing, producing and legally licensing high-quality music that fits its context and purpose is time-consuming and can be expensive. The automation of music composition and production therefore has great creative, innovative, and business potential.


Who We Are

Musical bits core team @ OMR Hamburg

Musical Bits works in an team of software developers, musicians, marketing professionals and AI specialists. We have known each other for many years and have already worked together successfully in bands and software companies before Musical Bits was founded. Each of our team members combines many years of international experience and professional know-how in at least two fields of computer science, artificial intelligence, business development and music in one person. This interface expertise makes us a very agile and innovative company.

We hire!


Open position

Software Developer

Platform Backend

C#, DryWetMidi, VST3, professional experience from music production

Open position

Software Developer

EME emotion modelling engine

C#, .NET core, expert level in designing microservice architectures and experience with interpolation algorithms like Akima splines.

Open position

Unreal 5 developer

Music Video Production

UE5 modelling, animation and scripting

Open position

Music Modeler

Producing Composers

Our composers participated in chart breaking productions worldwide, and worked for and with the biggest record companies, cinema production studios and game development creators. If you think you match this level and can deliever FULL productions on high-end level, please get in touch!


OMR Festival 2023

Masterclass at OMR 2023

We were proud to be part of the OMR Festival 2023 in Hamburg.

Did you miss our Masterclass "Ai Music - Wie KI-generierte Musik Eure Kreativität beflügelt." ?

Watch it here or on YouTube!


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